Me collage 900x200My name is Kevin, and I help people develop cross-cultural understanding and appreciation through education, travel and tourism. I accomplish this as a teacher, guide, writer and ambassador.

  • Teacher: teaching language, culture and history both formally and informally bringing real-life experience and knowledge to the classroom
  • Guide: leading others in first-hand experiences with the wonders, natural and man-made, and countless stories the world has to offer
  • Writer: sharing the story of places and people so that those who can’t have a first-hand encounter may gain insight into faraway places and their details through prose and poetry
  • Ambassador: helping combat ignorance and stereotypes to promote understanding of foreign ideas, their creators and homes as a speaker, photographer and storyteller

With increased understanding and appreciation of diverse ideas and practices, individuals and organizations can accomplish great things to make the world a better place.

This is what I’ve been trying to do through this blog and what I plan to expand on through my career and life choices. Hopefully, I can help a few people expand their horizons to thinking outside of their own little spheres into the wide, wonderful, beautiful world around them.

I currently work on the executive team of Amerlish, an English training school in Beijing, as Vice President of Curriculum and Schools. This role allows me to broaden horizons in many ways including cultural experiences, parties, and curriculum development. It is an exciting challenge that helps me fulfill this personal mission.

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Our tour guide was Kevin. Very knowledgeable, interesting, and passionate about what Frank Lloyd Wright and Taliesin West mean to our society and culture. We highly recommend the tours and tour guide, Kevin! (Taliesin West tour guest, 2015) “Kevin is immediately personable and likable. These traits, mixed with his sharp intellect and optimistic outlook on life, make Kevin stand out in a group.” (Yvette Arts, 2009)
A wonderful experience! Everything was extremely well organized. The guide was personable and very knowledgeable. (Taliesin West tour guest, 2015) He exercised fine management and leadership qualities that brought reassurance to the students who looked to him for guidance. He possesses a fine sense of humor, a ready smile and an untiring will. (Scott Boyter, 2010)
Our guide was Kevin. He was very knowledgeable & kept things fun. Kevin kept the tour very interactive, answered all of our questions and threw in lots of fun facts. Really enjoyed the tour. (Taliesin West tour guest, 2015) Committed. Enthusiastically involved. Honest. In tune. (Nat Harward, 2010)
Coming from an architectural background, Taliesin West was top on our list of things to do, we were not disappointed. The tour guide was great providing us with excellent information and insight into the real man and his vision. Our daughter who was not terribly interested in coming was very impressed and glad that she came. (Taliesin West tour guest, 2015) He is one of the most dependable individuals I have ever met. He is self-motivated and a very hard worker. He is someone that I could always trust to do a wonderful job and make sure every detail is taken care of. Everything he did with our group was done with the utmost professionalism and precision. (Jamie James, 2008)
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