State Fair of Texas

After my short stint in South Carolina, I made my way to Texas for the last part of my sojourn home. Being autumn, it was time for the State Fair of Texas. My family has gone to the fair every … Continued

San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park

Before my summer Bay Area experience I didn’t know about San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park. Instead, when national parks in that part of California were mentioned I thought of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, Golden Gate National Recreation … Continued

Back to AZ

Our road trip to Utah took the long route from Dallas, so we could stop in Phoenix to spend time with family and friends. I really enjoyed my time in the Valley of the Sun and throughout Arizona when I … Continued

Pikes Peak Cog Railway

One of the most beloved mountains in America, Pikes Peak lies on the eastern side of the Rockies towering over Colorado Springs. Twenty two years ago I awoke at the crack of dawn with the Texas Boys Choir to perform … Continued

A Visit to Experimental Breeder Reactor – I

Seventy years ago the United States dropped devastation, death and desolation on Japan demonstrating to the world truly terrible power by means of atomic energy. Less than a decade later, scientists in a small brick building in Idaho demonstrated that … Continued

The Dam Tour of Hoover Dam

Our dam guide was Kris for the hour-long dam tour that took us into the dam bowels to walk through dam tunnels seeing dam stairs, looking out dam vents and riding on dam elevators. Enough dam jokes? I’ve been over … Continued

Showing a Friend around My Hometown

I recently took a very quick trip home to Dallas because my best friend, who went back to China and has been there for the last two years, was in the States visiting family. His sister lives just outside Dallas, … Continued

Top 5 Posts from 5 Years of Adventure Patches

This week Adventure Patches turns five! I published my first post for an assignment in a college five years ago today. I didn’t know I would continue beyond that semester-long project, but I did because people responded and enjoyed what … Continued

Lego, Cars and UNESCO

Lego The first part of 2015 has been very eventful at my work place. It began with the unveiling of a special model of Wright’s winter camp made of more than 200,000 Lego bricks created by one of the Danish … Continued

A New Year’s Adventure to Tumacacori

Ever since rafting on the Li River on New Year’s Day in 2012, I’ve wanted to make each New Year’s Day a day of adventure to set the next 365 days off to a great start. Two years ago for … Continued

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