Cappadocia Fairy Chimneys

In addition to the Goreme Open-air Museum, our Red Route tour took us to many other locations around the area to experience the fairy chimneys. Uchisar Castle A large rock formation at the top of a hill, meaning great vantage … Continued

Cappadocia – Goreme Open-air Museum

From Pamukkale, we took an overnight coach to the desert region of Cappadocia, with remnants of culture dating back to the Hittite period. The coach ride was probably my worst experience in Turkey. It was uncomfortable, extremely warm, and confusing. … Continued

Pamukkale – Hierapolis

The modern Turkish town of Pammukkale sits at the base of the acropolis where Hierapolis, an ancient resort town once ruled. The hill with the ruins has a façade of white calcium deposits, which is one reason for the modern … Continued

Other Selcuk, Turkey Sights

The city of Ephesus was not contained to the current archaeological site or even within the city walls. It spreads into the mountains around it and into the current town of Selcuk, Turkey (pronounced selchuck). This town is where the … Continued

Ephesus and the Apostle Paul

Ephesus Theater One of the key features of Ephesus is the “largest theater in antiquity” with capacity of 25,000 souls. Used for dramas and performances when first built and expanded to gladiatorial exhibitions in the Roman times, the Ephesus theater … Continued

Ephesus Archaeological Site

Ephesus is magnificent! This ancient city was one of the most important cities in the ancient world, and one of its largest. Ephesus was a major sea port and home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It … Continued


The ancient city of Pergamum, or Pergamon, in Turkey is an impressive archaeological site with hyperbolic details. The city was an extremely wealthy and powerful Grecian kingdom and one of the seven churches about which John wrote. Perched high above … Continued

City of Troy – More than a Wooden Horse

When most people think of the ancient city of Troy from the legends of Odysseus and Achilles, they think of a big wooden horse and ancient Greece. However, most people don’t know where Troy really was, and they don’t know … Continued


The Gallipoli Peninsula was the site of a failed Allied Forces maneuver in World War I. It was the first campaign for Australians and New Zealanders to fight under their own colors as independent nations instead of as British citizens. … Continued

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