Bristlecone Pines of Great Basin National Park

There is a relatively small number of living things in this world that have watched as civilizations have grown, prospered and fallen around them, and they all seem to be trees. A collection of these ancient organisms known as bristlecone … Continued

Lehman Caves – Great Basin National Park

Absalom Lehman, rancher on the Snake Range in Nevada, was enjoying a sandwich one warm afternoon when a pack rat made off with it. The sandwich was too good to let the varmint make off with it, so Absalom hopped … Continued

Beauteous Birds of Tracy Aviary

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In 2007, I placed second in the Utah PR Student of the Year competition. Our client was Tracy Aviary, a small menagerie of birds in Salt Lake City’s Liberty Park. To prepare for the competition and my proposal I visited … Continued

Golden Spike National Historic Site

Hailed as the greatest engineering feat of the 19th century and a bandage on a broken nation, the completion of the transcontinental railroad on May 10, 1869, is one of the more important events in U.S. history. The story of … Continued

Arches National Park Devils Garden Trail

A list recently came out of 10 life-changing trails in Utah. As I read through the list I was happy to have some of them already checked off including Angels Landing in Zion National Park, Delicate Arch at Arches National … Continued

Canyonlands National Park – Needles District

Two rivers converged in the russet colored stone creating three distinct regions of geologic wonderland. Millenia of carving, smoothing, eroding, and shaping have left this spectacular garden of stone formations and canyons preserved today as Canyonlands National Park. The two … Continued

Monument Valley Tribal Park

“Hi-ho, Silver! Away!” When we think of the landscape of the wild west, Monument Valley Tribal Park often comes to mind whether we know that’s what it is or not. We see the iconic images from classic western films, the … Continued

Navajo National Monument

The whole of northern Arizona and the four corners region seems to be pocked with canyons including those comprising Navajo National Monument. These rocky crevasses served ancient inhabitants of these areas as safe places to build communities and farm with … Continued

Canyon de Chelly National Monument

Hiking down a 1,000 foot cliff to see a 1,000-year-old cliff dwelling in Canyon de Chelly National Monument I met a woman making the same trek for the fourth time that week. She wasn’t there as a tourist but to … Continued

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