Mughal Monuments of Delhi

We arrived in India at Indira Ghandi International Airport late in the evening and got our first look at this enigmatic country in the dark driving to our hotel. We were tired and excited to be out of the extreme … Continued

Spring Festival in India

What can I say about India that hasn’t been said? A country of more than 1.2 billion people crammed into a space just over a quarter the size of China (or the United States) that has its own unique character … Continued

Beijing Aquarium

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In case you weren’t aware, I enjoy visiting aquariums and zoos. So, when it was absolutely freezing recently, like -20 degrees Celsius cold, I decided to visit the Beijing Aquarium not too far from my apartment at the zoo for … Continued

Another Victoria Peak Hike

My most recent excursion to Hong Kong resulted in another wonderful experience hiking on Victoria Peak. This time I hiked up a trail from Hong Kong University and then hiked down the other side on Old Peak Road. Besides the … Continued

Wulong’s Furong Cave (Lotus Cave) with Monkeys

Our second day’s adventure in Wulong County was to another part of the UNESCO World Heritage South China Karst at Furong Cave—a labyrinth of vast caverns jeweled with spectacular formations that have formed drop by drop in the heart of … Continued

Three Natural Bridges of Wulong

Standing beneath these behemoth rock formations brings perspective of size, age, and beauty found in few places. There is a reason these three natural bridges have been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site and why one of China’s great filmmakers … Continued

Dazu Grottoes – Baodingshan

Continued from Dazu Grottoes – Beishan and Nanshan Baodingshan Arguably the best grotto in the Dazu area, this one has some of the most spectacular grotto art I’ve seen. It also has a rich collection of story-telling panels as opposed … Continued

Dazu Grottoes – Beishan and Nanshan

In my effort to visit the four major (World Heritage) Buddhist grottoes in China, our first adventure in the Chongqing vicinity, on Christmas Day, was a day trip to Dazu Grottoes in the western part of the municipality. Several sites … Continued

Christmas in Chongqing

For Christmas, my friend Aaron and I had an adventure in Chongqing, China. This municipality, once a part of Sichuan province, is littered with mountains, crisscrossed by major rivers, and dotted with priceless wonders of nature and humanity. And, as … Continued

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