Capulin Volcano National Monument

I exited Interstate-25 heading southeast through New Mexico toward Texas when I saw a sign for Capulin Volcano National Monument. My interest was piqued as I find volcanoes interesting and I love visiting National Park Service properties. I didn’t know … Continued

Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument

Just up the highway from Pikes Peak is Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument, a treasure trove of Eocene fossils. The most spectacular fossils for visitors to experience are the massive petrified redwood tree stumps found near the heart of the park … Continued

Pikes Peak Cog Railway

One of the most beloved mountains in America, Pikes Peak lies on the eastern side of the Rockies towering over Colorado Springs. Twenty two years ago I awoke at the crack of dawn with the Texas Boys Choir to perform … Continued

Rocky Mountain National Park

Spectacular views, alien tundra landscapes, a plethora of wildlife and the rocky mountain high are what make Rocky Mountain National Park worthy of such status. One hundred years ago, a group of locals from neighboring Estes Park, Colorado, gathered on … Continued

Dinosaur National Monument

Spread across the border of Utah and Colorado, Dinosaur National Monument preserves both a treasure trove of fossils including dinosaur bones you can touch and scenic canyons carved by the Green and Yampa Rivers. Unless you plan to ride the … Continued

Capitol Reef National Park

High red rock cliffs, deep narrow gorges, carved natural bridges and arches all linked by a verdant fruitful valley. Each of Utah’s other four national parks share a couple of these features, but Capitol Reef National Park has a little … Continued

Grotto, Brighton Lakes and Temple Quarry Trails

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Brighton Lakes Trail Summer up Utah’s canyons may not offer the greatest snow on earth, but where downhillers skied and boarded in the winter you’ll find wildflowers lining hiking trails to magnificent vistas among alpine lakes and grand rocky peaks … Continued

A Visit to Experimental Breeder Reactor – I

Seventy years ago the United States dropped devastation, death and desolation on Japan demonstrating to the world truly terrible power by means of atomic energy. Less than a decade later, scientists in a small brick building in Idaho demonstrated that … Continued

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