Seoul, Korea

I found myself with a few days off in a row and wanting to go somewhere. With cheap and short airfare from Beijing, Seoul, Korea became the destination. A place I had only stopped over in the airport before, Korea … Continued

Tianjin Churches

The highlights of architecture for me were the churches scattered through the city. As interesting as it can be to visit Chinese temples of either the Buddhist or Daoist faiths, the architecture is so similar that some would say if … Continued

Beijing World Heritage

Beijing World Heritage Of the 48 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in China, seven are in Beijing. They include the obvious like the Forbidden City and Great Wall, but they also include the Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, Ming Tombs, Peking Man … Continued

Beijing Symphony at the National Theater

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One of my all-time favorite buildings is the Chinese National Center for the Performing Arts. Floating on a reflection pool and looking like an egg or a globe or an ear of corn or a yin and yang swirl, this … Continued

Inside the Bird’s Nest

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The 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games Opening Ceremony mesmerized me. The first time I saw the Bird’s Nest, the building where it took place, my heart skipped a beat. When I saw one of the drums from the spectacle at … Continued

Above Beijing in the CCTV Tower

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The tallest structure in Beijing, the CCTV tower stands on the west side of town. From the top, you can look down on everything. It was a bit windy and wasn’t the clearest day, but I’d definitely go back up … Continued

Beijing Grand Tour with Mom

When you live on the other side of the world from your family, it makes it a bit difficult to see each other. And, when you’re a mama’s boy like me, that can be a bit trying at times. A … Continued

Baha’i Lotus Temple and More in Delhi

With several hours until our late night flight out of Delhi, we had a chance to do some things we missed in Delhi the first time. This included a visit to the India Gate, driving a little closer by the … Continued

India Pakistan Border Retreat Ceremony

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If you think your high school or college or even professional sports team has a rivalry, you’ll think again after witnessing an evening ritual on the India-Pakistan Border near Amritsar. It is the ultimate throw down. There are stadiums built … Continued

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