More Adventures in Tokyo

Shibuya Of course, I wandered other areas of Tokyo as well. Being so near Meiji Jingu, I walked to the busiest intersection in the world. On the way I passed the beautiful sports national sports complex and had to get … Continued

Japanese Imperial Palace and Gardens

Japan is still an empire with an emperor as head of state. This emperor still lives in a magnificent imperial palace in the heart of Tokyo. This palace is stock full of history and is surrounded by beautiful gardens. A … Continued

Jiyu Gakuen Myonichikan

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My second Frank Lloyd Wright building in Japan is the simple, yet beautiful, Jiyu Gakuen Myonichikan. Myonichikan or “the House of Tomorrow” was designed by Wright in 1921 for the girls’ school Jiyu Gakuen. Originally built in a quiet and … Continued

Meiji Jingu Shrine

Another of Tokyo’s must-see destinations is a large, not-so-old, Shinto shrine called Meiji Jingu. This impressive site is not just about the religious structure or campus but the entire forest around it. Maybe you recognize the Meiji part of its … Continued


Very near Tokyo Skytree, is the very old neighborhood of Asakusa, home to one of Tokyo’s iconic sights, Senso-ji. This ancient Buddhist temple with giant red lanterns at the gates, is Tokyo’s oldest. The robust architecture of the temple itself … Continued

Tokyo Towers

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I love to go up in high towers, and in Japan I visited three Tokyo towers–Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo Tower, and Ropongi Hills. Tokyo Skytree The second tallest freestanding structure in the world towers over the city of Tokyo. Tokyo Skytree … Continued

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Imperial Hotel

My target when visiting Museum Meiji-Mura was Frank Lloyd Wright’s Imperial Hotel lobby. In 1916, America’s greatest architect received the commission for the next iteration of Tokyo’s Imperial Hotel. Wright already admired Japanese design philosophies and had done work in … Continued

Museum Meiji-Mura

Museum Meiji-Mura is an open air architectural museum just outside of Inuyama showcasing buildings from the Meiji period of Japan from 1868-1912. During this time, Emperor Meiji led the nation out of an isolated feudal nation to its more modern … Continued

Japan – First Impressions

First impressions of a new place can impact an entire adventure. My first impressions of Japan only helped my week-long adventure be more spectacular. Japan is a clean, friendly, and orderly place, which is a vast contrast to my current … Continued

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