Writing Haiku in Japan

As I mentioned in my Senso-ji post, I wrote a few of my own haiku while in Japan. It seemed fitting. I shared one before about the beautiful orb weavers I saw throughout my time in Japan. That one was … Continued

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Imperial Hotel

My target when visiting Museum Meiji-Mura was Frank Lloyd Wright’s Imperial Hotel lobby. In 1916, America’s greatest architect received the commission for the next iteration of Tokyo’s Imperial Hotel. Wright already admired Japanese design philosophies and had done work in … Continued

Desert Spring – a poem by Kevin Earl

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Again I’ve been inspired by the beauty all around. Here’s a poem I wrote about the desert spring. I witnessed this masquerade two years in a row while working at Taliesin West for the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. Hope you … Continued

National Day

Today is China’s National Day. October 1 was set aside as the country’s national holiday 62 years ago by the PRC’s founding committee. Because of this, our theme this week in class was patriotism. I shared with my students my … Continued

A Night Unlike Any Other – a Christmas poem by me

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While watching Christmas movies and listening to Christmas music, I had a desire to write a Christmas poem. It may not be the same caliber of Isaiah’s writings sung in Handel’s Messiah, but these are some of the thoughts and … Continued

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