I love to visit places of worship while traveling. A holy edifice generally is built with great detail and care. I especially love visiting places of worship that I personally hold sacred. If you’ve been enjoying Adventure Patches for a while, you know that I make a point of stopping at LDS temples when I travel. In fact, it is part of my bucket list to visit all of them.

I’ve written about temples many times and their importance to me. What takes place in temples is different from what happens in a standard Mormon meetinghouse where sermons, Sunday school lessons and other seemingly regular worship activities take place. In temples we make sacred promises to God and learn about his plan for our eternal happiness.

I invite you to go to the following link to learn more specifically about what goes on in the temple, why we build temples and what you would see inside an LDS temple: https://www.lds.org/church/temples/why-we-build-temples/what-happens-in-temples?lang=eng.

The philosophy behind building temples today is similar to Solomon’s time. This goes for the design being of the finest materials and craftsmanship. This makes most LDS temples stunning pieces of architecture and design. On my quest to visit all of them around the world, I strive to add at least one photo to my collection that captures this beauty and the reverence I have for the temple. Over the years, I’ve had people ask if they could print one of my images because that temple holds a special place for them. My temple images are now hanging in homes around the country.

I now have images from 57 of the 61 LDS Temples I’ve been to out of 182 dedicated, under-construction, and announced. Some of them are just snapshots while others, I think, are pretty good images. See a map of the temples and which ones I’ve visited on my Places page.

If you’re interested in having a picture of the temple for your wall, send me a message.

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