Adventure is out there patchMy parents were smart. With four little children they found a way we would all be happy when visiting gift shops while traveling without having to spend lots of money, waste time choosing something, or get something too big. They had us each collect one small thing just as my father had for many years with key chains.

Buttons, pins, patches and magnets were the four things–one for each of us. As evidenced by this blog and a big reason for its name, my souvenirs were patches. For most of my life now I’ve collected patches from around the world on my own adventures. I’ve also been given patches as gifts from others’ travels. I put together this “patch board” to share my many patches with you. I have an amazing bag made by my mother covered with patches, and I put a few on another bag. Most, however, are just in a box right now. Someday they will be on other bags or on a blanket, but I won’t wait for that to keep collecting.

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  1. Mabel McGillicutty

    This is really neat! I wish I had the patches my mom sewed on my windbreaker in the early 80s.

    • Hernan Bustelo

      It took me a couple of years, but I got all the patches my mom sewed in my Levis jacket back in the 70’s. I bought them again on eBay.

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